Hello St. Louis!


Greetings from St. Louis! Woof! Our adventurous journey from the west coast has been an absolute blast. From the breathtaking landscapes of Washington, Oregon, California, Nevada, Utah, Wyoming, Colorado, Nebraska, Iowa, Illinois, and now Missouri, we'…

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Where are we going?

05/30/2023 Last day in Oregon for a bit.

After covering countless miles, capturing memorable photos, and enjoying some quality time with Andy, our adventure in the Pacific Northwest has come to an end, at least for now. As a dog, I never imagined we would have so…

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Overdue Update

05/14/2023: Dark skies.

We find ourselves on the final day of our unexpected extended stay in Cedarville, CA. Originally planned for just a two-day stop, circumstances led us to spend four wonderful days here.

During our journey, I previously mentioned the remar…

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A quick trip.

05/04/2023: A short move

What a lovely morning! We got to sleep in and Andy had time to make his coffee before we set out on another nice long walk around the train museum. We stumbled upon the museum thanks to Harvest Host, a membership program that lets self-co…

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More exploring

05/02/2023: Last full day in Lakeview, OR.

Today, we decided to take a drive down more forest service roads. It's like a zen garden out here - tranquil and serene, with only the sweet sounds of our feathered friends chirping away.

Speaking of which, Andy got to …

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First full day in Lakeview, OR.

05/01/2023: Time to explore.

Before bed last night, we had planned an exciting day of exploring forest service roads and hiking. However, when we woke up this morning, we were met with overcast skies and gentle rain. Despite the dreary weather, we were determined …

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Travel day

4/30/2023: Bend to Lakeview, OR.

We left our cozy campsite in Bend, OR. and headed to Lakeview, OR. The journey was only 180 miles, but we were driving in the RV which made it feel like an epic journey. As we drove down those bumpy country roads, I was trying my …

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My squirrel friends.

Hey there! I'm lucky enough to be staying near the Deschutes national forest, which means I'm getting my daily dose of adorable wildlife. I've spotted three different types of squirrels scampering around my campsite: the Western Gray squirrel, the Douglas squirrel…

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Week 2, day 1 in Bend.

4/24/2023: Northern lights?

Hello again from Bend! We have just completed our first week here, and I am mesmerized by the astounding beauty of this place. The scenic views are absolutely breathtaking, and I had no idea such a magnificent place existed.

Today, we …

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A little exploring.

4/19/2023: Forest service roads.

This morning, I was able to sleep in, and when I looked outside, I saw that more snow had fallen. The snow seemed to fall randomly throughout the day and would melt right away, but at night, it would stick. There was roughly half…

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Bend, day 2.

4/18/2023: Snow day!!!

The furnace technician who came yesterday cleaned and tightened various components before recommending a new furnace. Although the problem we experienced is largely resolved, some random issues still persist. Nonetheless, the furnace now fu…

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Good news, bad news.

4/17/2023: Our first full day in Bend.

The good news is that there was no alarm today! However, the bad news is that the furnace has decided to call it quits on our trip and needs to be replaced.

A few weeks ago, the furnace had some issues, but Andy was able to…

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A short drive.

4/16/2023: Back in Bend, OR.

The alarm sounded again, far too early today. I guess anytime an alarm wakes you up, it’s too early.

We headed for the Thousand Trails campground in Bend/Sunriver. The drive was only about an hour and 10 minutes, so it was pretty eas…

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A free day.

4/15/2023: A day with no plans.

I woke up on my own this morning. Finally, no alarm! After having breakfast, we decided to explore Prineville, a pretty small town. We stopped by a few scenic lookouts to admire the views. We randomly found Steins Pillar on the map…

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Off to Prineville, OR.

4/14/2023: He drives SOOOOOO slowly.

The alarm went off again this morning. I thought this was supposed to be a time to sleep in and relax! We needed to get moving to Prineville, OR. The distance was 163 miles, which wasn't bad. However, going over the pass made …

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Last full day in Battle Ground.

4/13/2023: A full day without rain.

Today was a great day! Neither of us got out of bed until after 8:30 this morning. That might be the latest either of us has ever slept in. 

We took several walks today because it didn’t rain at all. That might be a first for …

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Battle Ground, Day 2

4/12/2023: What a difference a day makes.

Living in the RV has taken a bit of time to get used to. One particular challenge is the rain. People use rain machines to help them sleep at night, but here in the Pacific Northwest, it rains a lot. The sound of the rai…

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Back in Battle Ground, WA.

4/11/2023: Our home for the week.

We are back at Battle Ground Lake State Park, and it is incredibly quiet and peaceful here, probably because it's the off-season. We have only seen a handful of other people, most of whom are day-trippers coming to fish at the la…

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A quick trip to Prineville, OR.

4/10/2023: The Drive

As I was dreaming about the new sights and smells here in Washington, a phone alarm woke me up. It wasn’t the alarm that made me mad, it was the time the alarm went off, 4 in the morning. Why??!!?

We needed to take the car to Prineville, OR …

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Here we go

4/9/2023: Moving day

Moving day is always an exciting and busy time for me and my human, Andy. I love to watch him go about his business, making sure everything is in order before we hit the road. As he works on getting the RV ready to go, I make sure that my bed…

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Introduction to our blog

Hi, I'm Andy, and I'm currently on an exciting journey of self-discovery and adventure with my faithful companion, Zoey. We began our full-time RV journey on March 16th and are documenting our travels on a blog. Join us as we explore new places, meet new people, a…

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