Last full day in Battle Ground.

Last full day in Battle Ground.

4/13/2023: A full day without rain.

Today was a great day! Neither of us got out of bed until after 8:30 this morning. That might be the latest either of us has ever slept in. 

We took several walks today because it didn’t rain at all. That might be a first for us since we’ve been full-time.

While we were walking, something that Andy finally noticed was the amount of moss that was on everything. It’s on rocks, trees, and even concrete.

Although I’ve peed on many different things here, I can’t identify each of them. What I think is in these pictures is Peat moss. It grows on everything and almost seems fake in some places.

Just in case it IS peat moss, I’ll give you 3 facts about it:

  1. Peat moss is an important component of many gardening and agricultural practices. Peat moss, also known as sphagnum moss, is a popular material for gardening and agriculture due to its ability to retain water and nutrients, while also improving soil structure and aeration.
  2. Peat moss is harvested from bogs and wetlands. Peat moss is formed from the remains of dead sphagnum moss and other plants that accumulate in bogs and wetlands over time. These bogs and wetlands are often found in cooler climates, such as in northern Europe and Canada.
  3. Peat moss is a non-renewable resource. Peat moss is considered a non-renewable resource, as it takes centuries for new peat to form. The harvesting of peat moss can also have negative environmental impacts, such as disrupting fragile ecosystems and releasing carbon into the atmosphere. As a result, many gardeners and farmers are turning to alternative materials, such as coconut coir, to replace peat moss in their practices.

We are off to bed early tonight. The plan is to leave by 9 tomorrow morning to drive to Prineville. I think Andy is a bit nervous about the drive but I think he’ll do just fine.

Thanks to all of you who’ve sent messages, texts, emails, and phone calls. It keeps me writing and lets Andy know people are keeping an eye on him.

Happy Thursday!