Week 2, day 1 in Bend.

Week 2, day 1 in Bend.

4/24/2023: Northern lights?

Hello again from Bend! We have just completed our first week here, and I am mesmerized by the astounding beauty of this place. The scenic views are absolutely breathtaking, and I had no idea such a magnificent place existed.

Today, we decided to go on a ride to explore the Wickiup Reservoir. You may be wondering why we chose to go there. Well, we came across some stunning photos on Google Maps, and we were intrigued. However, we soon discovered that Google Maps does not take into account the type of vehicle you are driving, and we were in a Honda CRV.

Despite the challenges we faced on the road, we were able to reach the Reservoir. Unfortunately, we had to turn around because the road was obstructed due to the snow. Nevertheless, the drive was exhilarating, and the landscape was absolutely breathtaking.

After returning to our RV, we found out that we might have the opportunity to witness the Northern Lights tonight. Excited at the prospect, we packed an excessive amount of camera gear into the car and set off to find the perfect spot.

On our way, we finally saw a head of Elk. We've talked to others and have seen signs but this is the first time we actually got to see them live. There were roughly 30 females and 1 young bull. They were just as rude as the deer when it came to me trying to make friends. I'll keep trying though. We're going back to try to find them again tomorrow with the hopes of getting better pictures.

I have never seen the Northern Lights, but Andy saw them as a child, although he did not appreciate them then. As it is getting late, I am going to post this while Andy patiently waits for the light show to commence.

Happy Monday!