Bend, day 2.

Bend, day 2.

4/18/2023: Snow day!!!

The furnace technician who came yesterday cleaned and tightened various components before recommending a new furnace. Although the problem we experienced is largely resolved, some random issues still persist. Nonetheless, the furnace now functions correctly. We received a quote of $2500 for parts and labor for a new furnace, but we are still deciding whether or not it is necessary.

Thankfully, it was warm inside when we woke up to an inch of fresh snow today. I have played in the snow before, but this was my first experience with freshly fallen snow. It was fantastic, though I did not appreciate it sticking to my face when I went for a sniff. Andy took far too many pictures!

Andy was thrilled to fly his drone and witness the snowfall from above. I believe he may share one or two of his photos later.

We went to Bend today and visited a few breweries, including Crux Fermentation Project and GoodLife Brewing. Both have outstanding selections, but the chicken wings at GoodLife were exceptional and highly recommended.

Overall, it was a fantastic day. Happy Tuesday!