More exploring

More exploring

05/02/2023: Last full day in Lakeview, OR.

Today, we decided to take a drive down more forest service roads. It's like a zen garden out here - tranquil and serene, with only the sweet sounds of our feathered friends chirping away.

Speaking of which, Andy got to see his favorite bird today - the American kestrel. These little fellas are tough cookies, always on the lookout for their next meal. However, this one was a bit camera-shy. Every time we got close, it would fly 30 yards away. Finally, we decided to park and wait. After 15 minutes, it landed on a fence post close to the car. I kept as still as a statue so that Andy could take some snaps.

Although we saw a few deer and a coyote, they were too quick for us to capture on camera.

Tomorrow, we are embarking on a two-hour journey to our first harvest host in the new RV. We will be parked at Train Mountain Railroad - the largest miniature railroad in the world, spanning over 36 miles on 2205 acres of pine forest. I'll write more about that tomorrow, but for now, let's talk about our star of the day - the American kestrel.

Here are three facts about the American kestrel:

Firstly, it is an agile hunter that can hover in one spot while it searches for prey. Once it spots something yummy, it will swoop down to catch it. Interestingly, it can also hunt small birds and insects while flying upside down.

Secondly, the American kestrel has a unique appearance. The males have a slate-blue head and wings, a rusty back, and a spotted breast. Females are slightly larger and have a rusty back and tail, and a barred breast. Both sexes have a black spot on the side of their head, which is sometimes referred to as a "sideburn."

Lastly, the American kestrel is a flexible bird that can nest in various locations, including tree cavities, man-made structures such as buildings, bridges, and even nest boxes. This adaptability has allowed it to thrive in different habitats, from open fields and grasslands to urban areas.

Anyway, that's enough bird talk for today. It's time for us to get some rest and gear up for tomorrow's journey. I have a feeling that Andy's driving skills will be the talk of the town - or at least of the other drivers who'll be waving at him with one finger. Happy Tuesday, folks!