Travel day

Travel day

4/30/2023: Bend to Lakeview, OR.

We left our cozy campsite in Bend, OR. and headed to Lakeview, OR. The journey was only 180 miles, but we were driving in the RV which made it feel like an epic journey. As we drove down those bumpy country roads, I was trying my best to sleep on the passenger seat. But every time Andy saw an animal, he would slow down and take a look at it, which made it impossible for me to get some rest. I mean, come on! Can't a dog catch a break around here?

But the real excitement started when we finally made it to Lakeview. The place was totally different from Bend - it was like we had stepped into a new world. Everything was so open and we could see for miles. As we drove through the countryside, we saw several coyotes and a few deer. But the real highlight was when we came across a small mammal - Andy thinks it was a woodchuck, but I'm not so sure. It was small, furry, and had a bushy tail. Andy was so excited, he grabbed his camera and started snapping pictures. I could barely contain my excitement! I can't wait to see what other furry friends we'll meet on our trip.

All in all, it was an unforgettable day. I'm sure there will be many more adventures and surprises ahead.

The posted pictures are from our new campsite. We are here for the next few days. If you find yourself in Lakeview, come find us. The first beer is on us!

Happy Sunday!