Battle Ground, Day 2

Battle Ground, Day 2

4/12/2023: What a difference a day makes.

Living in the RV has taken a bit of time to get used to. One particular challenge is the rain. People use rain machines to help them sleep at night, but here in the Pacific Northwest, it rains a lot. The sound of the rain hitting the top of the RV is so amplified that it sounds like a monsoon is occurring outside. However, when you step out, it's only sprinkling.  

I was curled up in bed, listening to the rain when it finally stopped around 4 this morning. It was so quiet and peaceful. Andy finally got up at 8 and seemed surprised. There was about half an inch of snow on the ground. Although I've seen snow in patches, I've never really spent time in it.  

We went out for a short walk, and although the snow seemed interesting, I'm not a fan. After our walk, we spent the day in the RV. The rain returned and melted all the snow, then the sun came out, and we went out for another walk.  

The weather patterns here are just crazy! We are excited about spending some time in the high desert next week.

I'm going to send this off and get to bed. Tomorrow is a new day.

Happy Wednesday!