Overdue Update

Overdue Update

05/14/2023: Dark skies.

We find ourselves on the final day of our unexpected extended stay in Cedarville, CA. Originally planned for just a two-day stop, circumstances led us to spend four wonderful days here.

During our journey, I previously mentioned the remarkable membership programs called Harvest Hosts and Boondockers Welcome. These programs have provided us, as RVers, with the opportunity to experience unique overnight stays at wineries, farms, and private properties. Our initial plan was for two nights, but our gracious hosts, Bob and Nancy, welcomed us for an additional two nights on their expansive, non-working ranch tucked away in a remote part of California. We shared delightful conversations, indulged in numerous drinks, and savored three delicious dinners together. We eagerly anticipate returning one day to spend more time with these newfound friends.

During our stay, two standout experiences captured our hearts: the enchanting dark skies and the presence of wild horses. Attempting to convey the sheer magnificence of the night skies proves impossible; I have never witnessed such an abundance of stars in my entire life.

Unexpectedly, it was the wild horses that truly stole the show. Initially seeking the opportunity to capture antelope photographs, we embarked on an unplanned adventure to encounter these majestic creatures. If you're curious to learn more about them, I highly recommend checking out this informative brochure: https://www.blm.gov/sites/default/files/documents/files/Wild.Horse_.Brochure.pdf   

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While originally intending to make our way to South Dakota before eventually reaching Sacramento for a wedding in June, we had an epiphany when we realized we are merely 330 miles away. As a result, we have decided to prolong our stay in California until after the wedding. Departing Cedarville in the midmorning, we will spend four nights in Weed, CA, before continuing our journey to Crescent City, CA. If you happen to be in the vicinity, please don't hesitate to reach out. Additionally, if you have any recommendations or insights about these areas of interest, we would be thrilled to hear from you.

Happy Mother’s Day.