A short drive.

A short drive.

4/16/2023: Back in Bend, OR.

The alarm sounded again, far too early today. I guess anytime an alarm wakes you up, it’s too early.

We headed for the Thousand Trails campground in Bend/Sunriver. The drive was only about an hour and 10 minutes, so it was pretty easy.

When we arrived, we checked in and then picked our campsite. Seeing that it's the off-season, half of the campground is still closed from winter. We picked a spot way in the back, and it's pretty quiet here.

One of the best things I like so far about Oregon is the fact that it doesn’t rain here nearly as much as in Vancouver. We didn’t see any rain in Prineville, and the drive to Bend was very dry.

Once we got the campsite set up, we took a walk. All around the campground, there are snowbanks, so clearly, they get snow here. During our walk, it started snowing a bit. It wasn't a lot of snow, just enough to make me wonder why we left Prineville!

It seems like a great place, so I’m not going to let a bit of snow get in the way of exploring. If you look close enough at the pictures, you can see the snow coming down and on my back.

We are excited to get out and explore tomorrow. Happy Sunday!