Where are we going?

Where are we going?

05/30/2023 Last day in Oregon for a bit.

After covering countless miles, capturing memorable photos, and enjoying some quality time with Andy, our adventure in the Pacific Northwest has come to an end, at least for now. As a dog, I never imagined we would have so much fun exploring this region. The breathtaking landscapes, fascinating places, and the company of amazing people made this journey truly special. I can sense that we're leaving with a desire to return and continue our exploration someday.

Tomorrow, a new chapter begins as we head back to California, but this time we're going south. Our paws will follow the iconic Highway 101, leading us to our next destination: Crescent City, CA. We'll be staying there for four nights before continuing to Scotia, CA for a delightful seven-night visit. Oh, and get this: we even have an overnight stay planned at a winery, thanks to Harvest Host! After that, we'll spend three nights in Cloverdale, CA, followed by a week-long stay in Woodland, CA. The journey continues to Shingle Springs, CA for three nights and then ends with four nights in Pollock Pines, CA.

Once we bid farewell to Pollock Pines, we'll embark on a 13-day cross-country drive to reach Missouri. We're hoping to find a perfect spot to celebrate the 4th of July along the way, where we can marvel at stunning fireworks. In Missouri, we'll be settling in from July 12 to August 7. Then, it's off to Jackson, WY, where Andy has a marathon scheduled on September 23. We might even pass through Wisconsin on our route from Missouri to Wyoming, but we'll provide more details soon.

Andy has been thinking about heading south after Wyoming. As much as we love the Pacific Northwest, another rainy winter isn't what we're looking for. We're searching for warmer destinations that still offer natural beauty. Right now, we have a campsite reservation in Cottonwood, Arizona for three weeks starting on November 9. Beyond that, our plans are more flexible. Arizona, New Mexico, and Texas are all potential winter destinations where we can embark on new adventures and discover diverse landscapes.

Andy loves the engagement he receives, so keep those likes, follows, shares, messages, and texts coming! Do you have any recommendations for places to visit between California and Missouri during our 13-day drive? If you're along the way and want to meet up for a beer or three, please comment or message us. We'd love to connect with as many people as possible during our time on the road.

These photos were all taken randomly with Andy's phone over the past six weeks or so.

Happy Wednesday!

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